rapID Dx

Faster than conventional methods.

ID in a bottle Unparalleled speed Lowest cost

ID in a bottle

rapID Dx determines detection, Gram status and identification (ID) in a single step, in the blood culture bottle. It’s faster than other methods on the market and maintains the same low cost of conventional methods.

Unparalleled speed

Every minute counts with sepsis. rapID Dx provides results almost 4 times faster and two days sooner than conventional systems.

Lowest cost

Reproducible, high-quality performance has been demonstrated across thousands of samples. Our system consistently equals or surpasses conventional and advanced methods that come directly from blood culture.

spec240: For detection, Gram status, and species ID in <12 hours.

Simple to operate and maintain, the system “reader” delivers big performance in a compact footprint. Detailed, comprehensive user and patient reporting are part of the package, as is LIS integration capabilities.

Effortless loading and unloading of bottles.

Automatic bottle recognition and tracking enabled by bar code scanning.

Simple and intuitive user interface on a touch screen.

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